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Pine Tree Bead Bracelet

Pine Tree Bead Bracelet

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This bracelet combines Picture Jasper and Agate which gives you the sense of a pine tree hugging your wrist.

Picture Jasper is used to stimulate creative visualization. Creates harmony, balance and positive energy flow especially in business pursuits. Releases knowledge into consciousness.

Agate is a stone of strength. It balances the yin and yang, female and male, energies within all of us. It provides protection, healing, and calm. It is also said to help remove blockages within the chakra system.

  • 4mm high-quality Picture Jasper and Agate beads
  • zinc metal alloy (lead and nickel safe) bead - antique gold color
  • strong elastic cord

Due to the uniqueness of stone, your bracelet may look slightly different than the one pictured. This adds to the natural beauty of the piece.

To determine the size needed for the bracelet, measure around the wrist and then add 1/2". For reference, an average women's bracelet would be about 7".

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